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The Project so far...

The designation of The Wailers home on 19 Second Street, Trench Town as a Protected National Heritage Site Trench Town was accomplished last year. 


The promoter of the project which is to develop an authentic Wailers Museum is the Hon. Neville O'Riley Livingston OM, OJ, CD aka Bunny Wailer, the last surviving member of The Wailers Trio, whose father Thaddeus Livingston was a central figure in the formation of the group from Nine Miles into Trench Town and who occupied the house and had an area of commercial influence from Third to First Street.


The key partners are Wailers Ltd.,  Trench Town Development Association, the National Heritage Trust and ostensible the Creative City proponents in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and KSAC.


The Wailers Museum will extend the importance of the musical and the social architectural history and characteristic of Trench Town extending the socio-community development impact of the Culture Yard on First Street.  It establishes two other significant histories of The Skatalites and Clement Dodd/Studio One, the latter being a tangential physical site in the surrounding area as also extending the potential development of the Third Street home site of the home of Joe Higgs.  


The Wailers Museum in tracing the history of Thaddeus Livingston will expound on how the Ganja Industry was central to the development of The Wailers group and the Rastafari Community, explicating a authentic link to Trench Town, West Kingston & the Music Industry.    Jammin Tours has co developed a Wailers Tour with Wailer’s  Ltd. to Bunny Wailers Museum and the Peter Tosh Museum. 


The Wailers Museum is expected to support the development of Community arts and craft development in the creation of themed products and services deepening the avenues for  incorporating international  creative industry collaboration add to community event development.



Wailers Limited


10 Darley Crescent, Kingston 20, Jamaica W.I.






Maxine Stowe



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